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UPDATE: Bonus offer extended

The book sold out on Amazon on Day 1 of its US and UK release dates but the publisher is shipping more copies to meet demand. Because of the delays in shipping, we're keeping the bonus material up for another month (till March 2019), but once the backlog has cleared we're taking the bonus material down. If you're interested, now's the time to order.

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Bonus #1: The 4 ways That UX Researchers Think Differently (Video)

Listen to the first 5 minutes of this seminar.

In this 35 minute seminar, David Travis synthesises the main themes of the book.

— Discover the 4 ways that UX Researchers think differently
— Find out how user needs research can overcome product-first thinking.
— Understand what "strong evidence" in UX research looks like.
— Discover why a large sample size is over rated.
— Find out what makes a great potato peeler.

Bonus #2: UX Maturity Workshop

All the workshop materials you need to run a UX maturity workshop with your development team. This includes printable playing cards, a game board and detailed instructions.

Bonus #3: UX Research Methods Crib Sheet

A crib sheet containing concise descriptions of 36 UX research methods.

Bonus #4: Two Extra Essays

Two extra essays that we couldn't fit in the book. One essay helps you deal with difficult usability test participants. The other essay describes a specialized UX research technique for running out-of-context interviews.

How do I claim?

To make sure that only people like you who have bought the book get the exclusive content, you'll need a password to access it. When you receive the book, go to the download page. We'll tell you where to find the password in the book. If you've ordered the book but it's delayed, email with proof of purchase and we'll send the password through to you.

Why isn't this offer available permanently?

We love everyone who buys our book but we love the people who helped us write it the most. So this is for them, and for anyone else who supports us by buying the book early.

This bonus content is for people who order the book in its first few weeks of release. Once these have shipped (by March 2019), it's gone.

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