Table of Contents for
Think Like a UX Researcher.


1. Setting the stage

  • The seven deadly sins of UX research
  • Think like a detective
  • The two questions we answer with UX research
  • Anatomy of a research question
  • Applying psychology to UX research
  • Why iterative design isn't enough to create innovative products
  • Does your company deliver a superior customer experience?

2. Planning user experience research

  • Defining your UX research problem
  • How to approach desk research
  • Conducting an effective stakeholder interview
  • Identifying the user groups for your UX research
  • Writing the perfect participant screener
  • Arguments against a representative sample
  • How to find more usability problems with fewer participants
  • Deciding on your first research activity with users

3. Conducting user experience research

  • Gaining informed consent from your research participants
  • What is design ethnography?
  • Structuring the ethnographic interview
  • Writing effective usability test tasks
  • The five mistakes you'll make as a usability test moderator
  • Avoiding personal opinions in usability expert reviews
  • Towards a Lean UX
  • Controlling researcher effects

4. Analyzing user experience research

  • Sharpening your thinking tools
  • UX research and strength of evidence
  • Agile personas
  • How to prioritize usability problems
  • Creating insights, hypotheses and testable design ideas
  • How to manage design projects with user experience metrics
  • Two measures that will justify any design change
  • Your web survey is a lot less reliable than you think

5. Persuading people to take action on the results of user experience research

  • Evangelizing UX research
  • How to create a user journey map
  • Generating solutions to usability problems
  • Building UX research into the Design Studio methodology
  • Dealing with common objections to UX research
  • The user experience debrief meeting
  • Creating a user experience dashboard
  • Achieving boardroom influence

6. Building a career in user experience

  • Hiring a user experience leader
  • A tool for assessing and developing the technical skills of user experience practitioners
  • Going beyond technical skills: What makes a great UX researcher?
  • How to wow people with your UX research portfolio
  • A week-by-week guide to your first month in a UX research role
  • The reflective UX researcher

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