Table of Contents for
Think Like a UX Researcher.


1 Setting the Stage

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of UX Research
  • Think Like a Detective
  • The Two Questions We Answer with UX Research
  • Anatomy of a Research Question
  • Applying Psychology to UX Research
  • Why Iterative Design Isn’t Enough to Create Innovative Products
  • Does your Company Deliver a Superior Customer Experience?
  • NEW IN 2nd EDITION: The future of UX research is automated, and that's a problem

2 Planning User Experience Research

  • Defining Your UX Research Problem
  • How to Approach Desk Research
  • Conducting an Effective Stakeholder Interview
  • Identifying the User Groups for Your UX Research
  • Writing the Perfect Participant Screener
  • Arguments Against a Representative Sample
  • How to Find More Usability Problems with Fewer Participants
  • Deciding on Your First Research Activity with Users
  • NEW IN 2nd EDITION: Using the cognitive interview to improve your survey questions
  • NEW IN 2nd EDITION: My place or yours: How to decide where to run your next usability test

3 Conducting User Experience Research

  • Gaining Informed Consent from Your Research Participants
  • What Is Design Ethnography?
  • Structuring the Ethnographic Interview
  • Writing Effective Usability Test Tasks
  • The Five Mistakes You’ll Make as a Usability Test Moderator
  • Avoiding Personal opinions in Usability Expert Reviews
  • Toward a Lean UX
  • Controlling Researcher Effects
  • NEW IN 2nd EDITION: Dealing with difficult usability test participants
  • NEW IN 2nd EDITION: Uncovering user goals with the Episodic Interview

4 Analyzing User Experience Research

  • Sharpening Your Thinking Tools
  • UX Research and Strength of Evidence
  • Agile Personas
  • How to Prioritize Usability Problems
  • Creating Insights, Hypotheses and Testable Design Ideas
  • How to Manage Design Projects with User Experience Metrics
  • Two Measures that Will Justify Any Design Change
  • Your Web Survey Is a Lot Less Reliable than You Think

5 Persuading People to Take Action on the Results of User Experience Research

  • Evangelizing UX Research
  • How to Create a User Journey Map
  • Generating Solutions to Usability Problems
  • Building UX Research Into the Design Studio Methodology
  • Dealing with Common objections to UX Research
  • The User Experience Debrief Meeting
  • Creating a User Experience Dashboard
  • Achieving Boardroom Influence

6 Building a Career in User Experience

  • Hiring a User Experience Leader
  • A Tool for Assessing and Developing the Technical Skills of User Experience Practitioners
  • Going Beyond Technical Skills: What Makes a Great UX Researcher?
  • How to Wow People with Your UX Research Portfolio
  • A Week-by-Week Guide to Your First Month in a UX Research Role
  • The Reflective UX Researcher
  • NEW IN 2nd EDITION: Are you a Positivist or an Interpretivist UX researcher?

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